Barn Restorations

Do you have an old barn that still has a solid foundation or not about to fall over? Is that barn still usable or has sentimental value to your family farm operations? ABG Contracting does complete restorations of barns and other out buildings. We do everything from just a simple steel install of roofs and sidewalls to detail restorations to original looks. 



   Before ABG Contracting worked magic.... 

We have many options for steel roof and wall panels from 26 - 29 GA metal. We install steel double dutch doors with crossbucks, vinyl or wood replacement window sashs, loft door replacements, steel soffit and facia systems, sliding door tracks and hardware, door hinges and latches, to name a few. There is no challenge to big or small. Call us today for an appointment and FREE estimate!

And After... A Beautiful Barn Restoration in Plainview, Nebraska